Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shit, Like This, Pisses Me Off
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             What is wrong with simply just fucking?
   and loving every minute of it?
no pretense.
Wire.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    silken smooth bodies glisten in thier heat,
Its so hot!
 Connecting one to the other ,
 seemingly familiar
enemy or lover...
what causes your heart to race?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    blood flowing through the veins.                                                                                     
 heat seeking fusion
Ill- Lusion
.Made into our reality...

What remains?
Tingles up and down my spine
Eratic.. . erotic... Exotic ...and  Toxic...
myne...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Poyzin ..
Elixir divine
reasoning I cant  find.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     My breath comes faster yet,
My heart beats wicked fast...
It does not beat for you.
I live without you and I forget about you
and you still affect me this way...
 spiraling toward extacy...
 back and forth
 push and pull ,
harder, faster
thrusting me, lusting me
 each glistening breathless body demanding release
I  am close.
 You are closing in
so far apart I don't know where to begin
mine escapes me...its gone...want replaced with cold
your hate into me
you emptying your seed                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sensuality transforming natural elements by unnatural means....
Undoing....much like this sickness seems.
cover me in semen
smother me in potent liquid kisses
such intensity
swallowed in its immensity
This new found want
Hunger Inside
insatiable untameable
Who decieves in this age old power play? you excite me and delight me and pleasure me in every way...but you don't give me what I deserve...
you cant give me what I need
you hinder my thoughts, I cant think with you this close
but given time to think that's when I hate you the most
beyond a ruined past, we don't share a thing
and the only time I don't hate when we are fucking....   
                    Tying me up and sucking me biting me and fucking me
                              You Did THIS!!
                                                                         You call it Love,   Which doesnt exist
                                                                 Deny Refuse Resist

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Solitary SeductionDecember 13, 2009 at 10:58am

There’s a tingle a yearning a pulsing in that quivering little lip,
Hot deep surrounding pleasure senses zone,
Fingers part pretty pink pussy lips
Slips n2 wetness

Wordless whimpers
Desire pulsates in frenzy
Secret fantasies
Explored without limits
Perversely infectious
for a time
Manipulated moments

become realities

silky pleasure sensors satisfied

Solitary Seduction


I wanted to love you forever, Yet settled for right now You said I could love you perfectly You destroyed that somehow. Of purpose, your own devastation course Detached of any emotional involvement No guilt no accountability, no remorse You took from me, and took your fill You emptied me, and you are empty still. How does that happen, where did it go I gave my hopes of a future, To a man I can never know. Snuffed my expectations, Vanished into thin air… Scarred my core so severely I’d never know its there. Childhood fancies of an awaited true love, Superior, Regal and divine Vanish in an instant and forgotten Once upon a time. Twice Ill never see Thrice cursed in existence A multiDimensional … Reality.


all the things we never bother to talk about-theyre killing me-cant even figure out what im trying to hold onto-and why I would even try Sad that you have left But something is made quite clear You are no further removed from me with 500 miles between us, Than when you were right here. Unattached and distant, Not wanting to get too close And then to act as if oblivious I guess that’s what got to me the most. The subtle changes Intentional or unaware? Preoccupied with various thoughts, Neither chose to share. You seem not to be bothered I don’t know where to start. Alternate Agendas and Separate missions Complete disconnection of Mind, bodies and heart. Silenced By the wondering thoughts Plagued with nagging doubts, Bombarded Questioning… I usually do without. Disturbed by the onslaught of sudden miss-trust On my own I wrestle with things we should have discussed. Not very long ago Silliness was easily dismissed Until you made it such an issue That we had open mouth kissed. I didn’t understand your apparent disgust then I don’t care to understand it now Im just trying to put it all together in some kind of order, So maybe I can possibly understand somehow. It started out friendly and nearly hassle free I made the mistake of thinking We enjoyed each others company. Perhaps we overdid it Or took for granted the time we spent I noticed several changes But never asked what they meant It seemed perhaps almost trivial To mention each and every little thing And you nonchalant way of shrugging it off As really no big thing. If nothing else , I considered you as friend Until you told me you had none, I wasn’t anything other than usual When you are just fucking someone! So now that we seem to no longer fuck I might as well scream why I think you suck! One of the many That I must make mention Our dwindling to nothing sex life Is a high source of tension Perhaps you are just no longer attracted, Or those messages you ignore when im around Maybe you are just distracted. No longer feel anything close to being desired Your simple “Thank you “after orgasm, Makes me feel like someone you hired You used to tell me I was beautiful And made me feel that way But now it always disrespectful And im hurt by the things you say. Just one of your sluts As you so charmingly put it How can I be a slut When we don’t even fucking do it? From beautiful to slut Compliments replaced by hurtful rips and seemingly obligation of occasional kiss Are given with thin tightly closed lips

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Discarded without given reason
left to wonder why
you are a narcisstic sociopath
who swears he doesn't lie
you hide from accountability
in such a cowardly way
never intending for a minute
to supply what you say
offer no explanation ,
although Ive called your bluff
no excuse for your hateful actions
you've simply had enough
your twisted ways of viewing
the actions you justify
narcisstic pathological and delusional
a liar who claims he doesn't lie
witholding truth, creating situations that otherwise would not exist
chalk em up, dish em out
and scratch me off your list
and when you think ive forgiven
as if Im oblivious to what you have done
you pull out another intrusive action
and project that IM THE offensive ONE
you purposely avoid that wich might reveal the game you play
and actively submerse yourself in fantasy decieving in every way
I played the fool
for way too long
dealing with your insane accusations
your perception of the truth is
more than distorted, its wrong.

Dear Jane

My "dear Jane" letter much to my surprise
was 2 lines; an apology , reference in past tense
without further ado our end summarized.

Much like the recipients name space
already been forgotten or intentionally left blank
you ve placed me in the past put behind you
while I still struggle to think.

your apology adds to my confusion
you guess, you wanted, you did and you're sorry
I had a break down in a hooptie ( theoreticaly speaking)
and you broke out a ferrari...
it didnt work but you really tried
I put all my eggs in one basket
and although you wanted them scrambled
they were more like southern fried

you really did love
we just werent meant to be
those times that meant the world to you
cant help but to agree.

you did try, did love me
but love you I still do
You arent willing to change a thing

just like magik
you decide
come go
get off the ride

Just like that
so quick to detach
your deeds and doings
never match

i love you
i hate you
I know I never knew you

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Real or Fantasy

Real, am I?
Fantasy? I could be…
But does the real satisfy me?
Some would only stare
Others may even drool
While others may envision another
As they begin to stroke their tool
Your cock is hardening
Your balls feel tight
If things go well
You’ll get laid tonight
Excitement building
The bulge in your pants grows
Thinking about the profiles you have seen
And now the ones you chose
Fantasies to fulfill
Needs to satisfy
And partake in lusty activities
Meant to gratify
Imagine my body
eager for your touch
May need you to use a bit of creativity,
But really it doesn’t take all that much
Its your fantasy
go ahead and dream
That I am hot and horny
And how you are gonna make me scream….
You imagine giving it to me like I have never had it before
Bucking and squirming and screaming for more
Imagiine in your mind ,my naked body as you feast your eyes,
And your cock hardens with desire focusing on the center of my thighs,
Imagine it hot, moist and glistening pink
So inviting, you wanna bury your face in its nectar and drink,
Probe your tongue between my pussy lips,
And stroke my clit with your finger tips
Pulses quicken, so does the pace
I reach for your cock as I cum on your face
I lick your cock once then twice
Ands then swallow it all,…isn’t that nice??
Balls in hand cock in mouth
Suck stroke massage squeeze
Pleasure you while on my knees ,
We spoke of this moment
And how it would be,
Desired things you would do to me
And the ways you’d take me to X2C
Sex loving hours spent
Touch here, stroke there
Kiss my pussy as you shave me bare
Playful hands that cup and squeeze,
And bring a shaking to my knees…
sometymes random other tymes determined skill,
Mastering a lovers art, a deep erotic thrill
Minds that delve and hands that explore
Everything and then something more
Fantasy we would bring to life, for real
Erotic sensations, pleasures to feel
Of come and go
Here and went
All those wasted hours spent
Touch here, stroke there
As long as you are satisfied, you don’t really care
Roaming hands , lips that suck
Oh baby you want me!! lets fuck!!
U want to cum already
I should have not made you wait so long
Cuz after all,
What was I waiting for?
The experience has left me wanting more
The mood is set, candles lit,
You grab my pussy squeeze my tit
Throw me down and tell me Im the shit!!
Ram your cock in, pull it out
Yeah that’s the shit Im talking about
One more tyme then just for fun,
You slam it hard and then you’re done
Real is over as quick as it began,….
Oh yeah baby you certainly are the man!!
It happens, yes,more than once
But if twas my fantasy I'll not let it happen twice
I swallow it all, and smile-that’s nice!!
Real? I am…
Fantasy ?I can be
But the real of it all,
is the fantasy
is what satisfies me